Alcohol addiction leaves many telltale signs in those who have it. Recognizing these signs in oneself or a loved one is the first step toward getting help through an alcohol addiction treatment program. While pursuing rehab may seem difficult, it can save a life and make the life after recovery fuller.

Signs of Needing Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Occasional drinking may not cause problems. However, the need for an alcohol addiction treatment center arises when signs of reliance on drinking appear. Some common signs of an alcohol issue include:

  • Drinking more frequently or in greater amounts to feel buzzed
  • Continuing to use alcohol despite physical issues caused by drinking
  • Engaging in dangerous behaviors such as drinking and driving or drinking and boating
  • Skipping activities or spending time with friends or family to drink
  • Taking off excessive amounts of time from work to drink or recover from drinking
  • Experiencing problems with work or school performance due to hangovers or drinking habits
  • Feelings signs of withdrawal when trying to cut back on alcohol or quit

The last reason is the biggest one for many to seek treatment. They may have tried to quit on their own but had shakiness, irritability, racing heart, hallucinations, or other withdrawal symptoms. To stop the alcohol withdrawal symptoms, they go back to alcohol use. While this solution works briefly, it does not solve the problem. Plus, alcohol addiction has serious consequences for those who do not get treatment for it.

Consequences of Not Treating Alcohol Addiction

Failing to treat alcohol addiction can lead to severe consequences. Those who continue to have drinking problems often require more alcohol for the same effects. This tolerance means spending more money on drinking, which can cause financial hardships. Plus, drinking in excess can lead to poor decisions, such as problems with the law or causing harm to oneself or others. Lastly, and most seriously, alcohol addiction can cause death.

Alcohol addiction withdrawal symptoms become more severe in cases of people who have a long-term problem. However, the detox phase is much less painful than the consequences of not getting treatment. In all cases, seeking an alcohol addiction treatment center is better than letting the problem continue.

What Happens at an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

In an addiction treatment program, the first portion for most patients is detox. Detoxing in rehab means letting the body naturally process out the toxic effects of the abused substance. However, this process requires time. How much time depends on the severity of the addiction. Generally, most alcohol detox patients require around two weeks of care.

Detoxing in a supervised program instead of trying to quit drinking at home is important. Sites that offer detox also provide supervision and help for those who may develop rare but serious withdrawal effects, known as delirium tremens (DTs).

After completing detox, patients move to residential care. The type of location and amenities are important when choosing a residential substance abuse facility. For residential care, patients remain at the facility throughout their stay. Therefore, they should feel comfortable and cared for both with quality accommodations and treatments.
Therapies at an addiction rehab center can include:

Quality care and treatments to address the individual’s reasons behind addiction should be sought in an alcohol addiction rehab facility.

For Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Indiana Contact Addiction Rehab Centers

Alcohol addiction should not go untreated. Therefore, to save a life, find out more about alcohol addiction recovery options. At Addiction Rehab Centers, we take a distinctive approach to recovery. Our therapies have their basis in attachment theory, making them more effective for many of our patients. To learn more about our alcohol addiction treatment center in Indiana, phone 844.910.0686.

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