Do you have realistic recovery goals? Some people decide to utilize drug and alcohol addiction help and assume it will work immediately. Others are unsure of what to expect but are fearful of failing.

Online therapy goals can help you to stay on track and constantly working to create success. Yet, for this to happen, you need to work in a comprehensive telehealth addiction treatment program designed to meet your needs. Our ChoicePoint team is ready to help you with this process.

Is a Telehealth Treatment Program Right for You?

Deciding to get help for drug and alcohol addiction means putting a lot of time and effort into your complete healing.

While some people prefer an in-person care setting, others embrace all that a telehealth treatment program can offer to them. If you are ready to talk to, see, and interact with your therapist on your smartphone or a laptop, then this could be the type of treatment for you. It’s all done right from home and can offer the same benefits as you can expect from in-person care.

Set Realistic Recovery Goals from Day One

When you set online therapy goals, you’ll need to do so with the help of your therapist. That’s critical because the specific level and type of help you need will range widely based on your addiction type, length, and severity. Your therapist can help you to know what to expect. Have a conversation with them about what are the realistic recovery goals you can expect. Here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Recovery takes constant and consistent work over a period of time.
  • You only get out of it what you put into it, which means you should show up and be ready to share during your therapy sessions.
  • You may encounter challenges along the way that you don’t expect, such as previous trauma that you need to work to overcome.
  • Realistic recovery goals are those that are measurable. You want to choose online therapy goals that have very clearly defined parameters so you can celebrate your success.
  • Realistic goals for you may include more than just not using drugs or alcohol. They may include improving your mental health, exercise habits, nutrition levels, and even your self-confidence.

What’s most important about realistic recovery goals is that you make sure they are attainable. If you have too many goals that are so hard to reach that you cannot possibly achieve them, that’s setting yourself up for failure.

Instead, set small goals with a short timeframe for achieving them. This way, those small, initial improvements are going to help you to perform well.

Surround Yourself with the Telehealth Treatment Program to Help You Success

To ensure your online therapy goals are in line with your long-term health goals, choose the right treatment center to work with for your recovery. Our office-based and telehealth treatment services are designed to give you access to your therapist often and provide you with a range of therapy options. You’ll feel comfortable here, and you’ll feel like you are making real progress with us each day you work with your team. When you set realistic recovery goals in a positive environment like this, you achieve the well-being you desire.

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Let ChoicePoint Help You Start to Heal Today

At ChoicePoint, we provide you with the tools you need to set and meet realistic recovery goals. If you are just starting therapy or looking to be more successful during the process, we encourage you to learn more about our telehealth treatment program. You can create online therapy goals designed to meet your unique needs. Learn more by calling us at 844.445.2563 or reaching out to us online.

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